Feedback collaboration “Puur Mooi”

February is the ideal month to start a detox cure. A PURE body makes you happier.

At “Puur Mooi” you can come for a day detox and start a cure for the body.

Naturally, detoxing also includes an adjustment to your eating habits. For this I teamed up with foodie Patricia from Secretos Del Sur ( Thanks to her vision and extensive knowledge about healthy detoxifying food and her creative recipe development, we have come to a collaboration. Her passion for tasty and healthy food that is Mediterranean inspired can be found in all her recipes and was exactly what I needed. I’ve tested them all and the flavors are great. You are also not hungry, and you feel full. Above all, the menu had to be accessible to a wide audience.

 Especially for “Puur Mooi”, Patricia put together a mild detox menu that really works. With this combination, your body starts to detoxify in a gentle way. Clearly thought has gone into the combination and effect of the ingredients. The benefits for your body are many. It is detoxifying in a gentle way, without stress and without feeling hungry. This gives you a lot more life energy!

I am happy that we have come to this great collaboration. After all, healthy food is the best medicine for a good life. I would like to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle with this detox.


ESPANA (0034)952-534481


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