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Each color corresponds to a certain food group

Sometimes it is not easy to organise your meals over a week. To give you a better perspective and overview I have made a weekly organiser with shopping list. Give your menu the main colors and you can create more variety in your week. This organiser, togheter with “the Mediterrenean food triangle” can inspire you to have a very well balanced week.

All main ingredients have a color:

Traductor de Google Fruits and vegetables = green
Fish and shellfish = blue
Meat or meat substitutes = red
Milk and dairy products = yellow
Legumes = purple
Pasta and cereals = orange  

Especially take care that you put in fruits or vegetables in all your meals.

If you still have doubts about how to determine your portion, than please have a look at: “portion determination, a useful rule of thumb”

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by Patricia

I am Patricia, energetic 40'er, architect, business manager and food blogger. Living in Andalusia but from Flanders - Belgium. Mother of 2 active and creative kids who, together with my husband Geert, form the tasting team of the first order!
Cooking has become a passion. Everything starts with devising an original recipe and that’s when my love for food photography & styling comes across… In my blog you will get to know my healthy Mediterranean fusion cuisine!

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