Foodies Friends 2022

I was really honored when the email came in confirming that I had been voted “Foodies Friend 2022” along with some other food bloggers. I had known the magazine for a while and was always pleasantly surprised to see how extensive and diverse their monthly offer was. I was therefore very proud to read that my first recipe would already be published in the January issue of 2022. The theme was “winter food” and I was allowed to unleash my inspiration on the ingredient: carrots… They became spicy carrot croquettes with anchovies mayonnaise- An aperitif snack that I have prepared several times in the meantime. Read the recipe below and one tip: make enough croquettes…

The Dutch magazine “Foodies” is a fixed value for every food blogger, hobby cook or culinary enthusiast: Is the kitchen your favorite place in the house? Do you enjoy surprising friends, family and yourself with tasty and special dishes? Are you looking for culinary inspiration, a challenge and would you like to read more about cooking and food?
Then Foodies is for you.

You can also find the spicy carrot croquettes on the website:

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